Hedrick Homes - Showcase of Custom Homes (Remodels)

In 2009 we purchased a beautiful piece of property on the Grand River in Austinburg, in hopes of turning it into a vacation rental property.

The property included several outbuildings and a main house/game room and also additional cottage. The property was a private residence and all of the additional buildings were built specifically to accommodate family members when visiting. It was obvious that family was extremely important to the previous owners, as everything they built was done strictly for the kids and grandkids to come and stay, and a beautiful album supplied by them to us shows many reunions, picnics and wonderful Christmases on the property.

The only real problem was the amount of work involved in updating the house, cottage and the immense yard. The property had been vacant for several years, and some serious updating was necessary. The buildings had all been constructed starting in 1979, through the early 80s. The potential for the property was apparent, even with the green velvet curtains and the bright red shiny linoleum. The family left the majority of the furniture, and many of the pieces were beautiful and we repurposed them throughout.

Although at first I was pretty overwhelmed by what needed done, as we started working, it got more and more exciting seeing the progress and how things were coming together. Weve tried to recreate a sense of peaceful surroundings, with rustic and cozy charm, and I would like to think that the original owners would be happy to know that their legacy is still living on, and that what they started is still being enjoyed today by people looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway, and of course, looking to enjoy the beautiful Grand River.

Although still a work in progress, we do have two cottages available for rent you can check them out at www.rusticriverretreats.com and then follow the links to the HomeAway website for pricing and availibility.

Main House Pictures - 2012

Pond Cottage....Before

Pond Cottage....After

Game Cabin....Before

Game Cabin....After

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